Shaadi and Janamdeen Cake fondants

Velvette, is a well known brand of sugar paste fondants available all over India direct from the  manufacturer or through their agents. All Velvette fondants are 100% vegan, meaning it is made from  glycerol and not glycerin extracted from dead-animals. Also it does not contain gelatin . The product has a nice vanilla flavour with lesser sugar contents to avoid  excess sugar taste in the mouth while eating the cakes. Made from  all vegetable extracts, Velvette fondants are  also custom made to suit your needs and colours. If you order  5 kgs or more , freight to your city or town is free too.  Buy direct from the manufacturers at Kolkata and avoid paying  heavily for a simple product. Our wholesale price for you is Rs 250.00 per kg. You can order any quantity from 250 grams. For 250 grams price is Rs  75.00, for 500 grams it is Rs  140.00. Freight will be extra unless your total quantity is 5 kgs and above. 

You can always ask for soft/hard/ stretchable /weird colours for every  pack. At no extra charge we make it for you. 

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Fondants or the sugar icing paste for topping and decorating cakes are made using glycerin and gelatine. Both these ingredients are a great No No for we Indians, who mostly are vegetarians and vegans. Both these products are made from animal body fats and extracts from bones not recommended by any standard for we Indians.
At St.Moritz Event Chocolates, we are a company backed by Eric EH Buddhadharma, a vegan and an animal activist. He is working on animal rights and also promoting vegetarianism world wide.

Our fondant are made solely using vegetable fats and gums. No milk no honey no diary ingredients. It is a clean product usable instantly.

Vegan Fondants are available in almost all colour and flavours. If your requirement is large, 10 kgs and above please order custom colour and flavour and we will give you, first a sample for approval and then the bulk supply. At Rs 250 per kilogram, it is a steal, because you are buying from the manufacturer directly and you take the middlemen’s profit too.

We can courier the fondant to you anywhere in India,. If the courier charges are extra for trans shipment you need to bear a part of it.

Quality, cleanliness and reliability are guaranteed. As the product involves a small investment, your risk in trying is small too.

So get in touch with us today and ask for your desired colours and flavoursBLOG PIC.jpg or no flavour. You can order mixed colours in a 500 gram pack 5 colours x 100 gram or you can order single colour and flavour pack. Rs 150/ and Rs 125/ respectively.

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42/A Hare Krishna Konar Rd,
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